Saturday, May 13, 2017

Leafleting Today at The Grand Lake Farmers Market

 One of the things we are most worried about is that the future of the farmers market will be determined by a small group of neighborhood activists convincing local politicians - we are looking at you Oakland Councilperson Abel Guillen - that they are the voice of the people. I am all for neighborhood activism since the people often need to be inspired to realize they have a voice. All my wife and I want is for those who frequent the market to understand its future in its current form is in doubt and to speak out.

Thus, today we went a'leafleting at the market. Part of the text of the handout is below. (The contact information of the Oakland council members is in the post just before this one if you are interested.) To the right you will see a picture of me taken by a passerby. Thank you, passerby. I'm not sure I would gladly accept a leaflet from me. Personally, one glance and I think whatever I'm for I'd be against. Next week I'm going to change my look - and certainly the headline for the leaflet.  In advertising they say, "It's not creative unless it sells." I think the same thing goes for leaflets.

My wife, whom I did not photograph, was proactive (that horrible but useful word).  She ventured forth into the market, prefacing her offer of the leaflet with, "Do you like the market?" Everyone said yes.

One more time: A woman who accepted a leaflet from me said - without prompting - "If it isn't broke, why fix it?"

"Duh," I replied. No one out-cliches me. (Attentive readers of this blog know that "If it ain't broke...." is one of my favorite cliches.)

Today's handout:


You like the Grand Lake Farmers Market
You like the FARMERS at the market
You like the FOOD vendors
You like the Arts and Crafts vendors
You LIKE the way the award-winning Farmers Market is being managed by AIM
(Agricultural Institute of Marin)

CONTACT your Oakland City Councilperson
 (List attached)

Tell them you want AIM to continue to MANAGE the Farmers Market

Do So
A few people in the neighborhood:

·      Want to run their own farmers market
·      Do not like the market’s popularity
·      Want only farmers as vendors
·      Do not want food vendors
·      Do not want crafts
·      And more

For more information go to

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