Friday, July 14, 2017

Past Praise for the Grand Lake Market from Surprising Source

Depiction of Oakland in 1900.
Depiction of Oakland in 1900. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The 2013 Oakland Tribune story was entitled "Splash Pad Park Turning 10 with Fanfare":

Here's an excerpt:

In 2001, the city hired Oakland-based landscape architect Walter Hood to design the park you see today — an inviting space with a fountain, gracefully curved seating walls and blue up-lighting under the freeway that illuminates the names of donors. The park has had such a positive effect on the Grand Lake neighborhood that the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum named Hood the Landscape Architect of the Year in 2009.

(Ken) Katz, who has lived in the neighborhood for 40 years, says the park and farmers market have been part of a major renaissance.

“Today, Kwik Way is again thriving and Lake Park Avenue (which was a wasteland five or six years ago) has absolutely no vacancies.”

He adds that Lakeshore and Grand is becoming a hip destination.

My comment on this: Today Katz leads the effort to expel AIM, the group that has managed the market since its founding in 1999. But, gee, wouldn't you agree that they have been doing something right for the past 18 years?

But seriously, even if you accept the notion that the market can be improved in some ways, AIM's stellar past performance - widely acknowledged by so many - argues that the city work with them to make any improvements.

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  1. The market is even better NOW in 2017 than it was in 2013, just 4 years ago!!!!! Since the market has gotten better, why Katz's objection? Virtually everyone attending the market LOVEs the Market. Why, I ask, should Katz & his associates' 'votes' count more than the thousands, 'voting with their feet,' who LOVE the market and say they do by their attendance & signatures?