Monday, August 7, 2017

Nextdoor Post Countering Ken Katz (Try Saying That Three Times Fast) Produces a Thoughtful Response

English: Mabel Capper and Suffragettes with a ...
English: Mabel Capper and Suffragettes with a petition 1911 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Goodness this farmer's market business has created quite the stir.  I think I was a bit careless in signing Mr. Katz' petition, and now I've tried to correct that by signing yours.   I did not intend to get rid of AIM. We love our market the way it is and generally attend every Saturday.  I also have several siblings living in the 'hood now with their families and we all enjoy the market regularly and often together.  My daughter just said this weekend how awesome the market is and how she has not seen it's equal in her college town or her travels or around the Bay!  

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