Tuesday, August 8, 2017

No, AIM is Not Perfect

English: Yin & Yang
English: Yin & Yang (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Let me state the obvious. We don't think the Agricultural Institute of Marin in its role as manager of the Grand Lake Farmers Market is perfect. Wonderful, maybe. Fantastic even. But not perfect.

If as a result of the back and forth, yin and yang, bad cop vs. good cop -- if as the result of the current debate between Team AIM (me, my wife, and the many supporters of AIM and its management of the Grand Lake Market) and Team Anti-AIM (Ken Katz and his rather smaller number of AIM opponents) - if that dynamic results in more money for the city and other concessions on AIM's part, then good on Ken. If that was his intention all along, then good on him. Hurrah for Ken!

But I don't think that's the game he's playing. I think he's dead serious about evicting AIM, and - as readers of this blog have probably already gathered - I think that's a terrible idea. So no hurrahs just yet.

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